Closed Loop Marketing

Often times, Marketing is distributed among many internal groups and external service providers.  For larger, more established businesses in "execution-only mode" this can work.  But for smaller organizations that are still in the formative stage, it leads to inconsistent and ineffective programs, poor staff productivity, and expensive, yet underutilized, marketing services.  To efficiently position and build a winning brand, you need Closed-loop Marketing.

Closed-loop Marketing starts with perspective.  RAMPUP Marketing's expertise in supply chain management, procurement and customer relationship management markets provides the perspective needed to assess strategy, identify sales effectiveness gaps, then develop and prioritize the marketing plan. Strong relationships with analysts, press, customers and prospects helps us develop, test and refine hypotheses of pain and purchase triggers.

The loop is closed with market proof-points. RAMPUP Marketing engages with customers and analyzes successful sales cycles to develop case studies, tune messaging, and create new toolsets.  First hand experiences improve lead generation results and press coverage.  No more disconnected PR firms, freelance case study writers, or advertising agencies.  Close the loop with RampUp Marketing with the experience and configurable services you need to build the business.